February at a Glance

February’s Full Moon was stolen by January’s greed! What a month. I am welcoming all February has to offer.
Don’t fret, January’s Full Moon on steroids made for an exciting end to last month but this month it will leave us wanting for that surge of energy that typically brings us our greatest desires.
This doesn’t mean we can’t prepare to manifest during the Full Moon in early March. February’s New Moon is 2/15 + we’ll have ourselves a partial lunar eclipse on 2/11.

With the absence of a Full Moon this month I am reminded of what happens when a constant doesn’t make an appearance in my life for some time. I tend to go inward + it becomes a time of reflection. I know that once whatever or whoever reappears - we will celebrate and the energy will be threefold.

So take February to gather your strength for March is going to shoot us all into the direction of our dreams! How excellent!

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