New Moon in Leo

In less than 24 hours I’ll be doing performing my New Moon ritual under the Texas stars.




I am stoked for this one.




I am making so many plans to catapult my intentions out into the world with reckless magical abandon. It's time. The New Moon in Leo is telling all of us run to the roar. Towards the things that scare us. Fear is taking a back seat and it's time to put our visions into motion. While it can be frightening to put yourself out there (my god, what will people think?!) it's also quite liberating to let go of the tethers holding you in the "safe zone" and embark on something fresh. Who has ever reached real greatness by playing it safe? I can't think of anyone interesting.

I have all the ingredients and now is the moment to start brewing.

Rituals are all about affirming your needs, your desires, and then owning it. Own the shit out of your ritual. When it no longer works for you, change it up. We are a species of change who are in a constant state of flux so naturally we may feel pulled to add something new to our rituals.

The basic bones of a Lunar Ritual are: set your intention // write it down // give gratitude.

It's simple yet powerful. Adding to the bones is what makes the ritual special. I despise too much structure in my life but I appreciate its framework for my rituals. Something to lean on. Something to take my time with. It feels good and leaves me feeling powerful and grateful for my journey through life.

This New Moon is a time for beginnings, a growth phase if you will. Magic lies strong at the birth of a cycle. This is a time for manifesting goals adding splendor & purpose to your life. It’s a time when the moon’s energy is intensified and we become brilliant & unflinching creators because of it. Jotting down a few words that describe your desires & ambitions can be enough for some people. It has served me well in the past. However you bring about your ritual just remember you must be fierce, fearless, & true. Be honest about your desires above all else. Screw what anyone else thinks you should bring into your life. Make it real. If you think “I should ask for…” then it’s most likely not something that will serve your highest and best good. A dear friend once told me “you are not an advertisement”. I thanked her and called her Tyler Durden… but she was right. I will remember those words for the rest of my days.

Below is my personal New Moon Ritual. I give myself a lot of freedom within the structure of my rituals. Dress this ritual to suit your style but enjoy it nonetheless. I assume the Moon appreciates a little rouge as much as she appreciates a naked body.


New Moon Ritual:

You’ll need a piece of paper or a journal. I prefer keeping a journal dedicated to moon rituals.

You can also work with crystals during your rituals. Precious stones I find powerful during moon rituals: Selenite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, & Labradorite.

Set Your Stage: Create a sacred space that is (relatively) quiet where you can focus and breathe. If you can't find quiet put on your headphones and listen to something calming while you work your ritual. You can do this inside or outside. If you want to work with a ritual candle specific for New Moon all the better. A regular candle will also do. Fire has had it's place within rituals for thousands of years and lighting a candle never fails to aid with the connection. Light it up.

Cleanse: Burn sage, palo santo, or incense, take a salt bath or shower, or diffuse an essential oil (clary sage, lavender, rosemary, palo santo, sandalwood, white sage, and holy basil are my beloved) You’re cleansing negative energy.

Center Yourself: Meditate or do a short series of mindful breaths. Close your eyes and breathe deep, filling your belly. Hold it for a few moments and breathe out pulling your belly inward fully releasing your breath. Do this 5-10 times. I notice a world of difference when I do any type of mindful breathing or full yogic breath.

Set your Intention: Ask yourself, ask the universe, ask spirit, ask your guides, ask your cat… ask any and all… what do you want to bring into your life for your highest and best good? Think about an area of your life that is in need of bettering. Perhaps there is something in your life that is going well and you want to build the momentum there. Once you have an idea of what you want, believe it. Believing it's possible to attain gives that very thing your energy.

Write it Out: Once you've given your intentions or manifesting some thought, write it down. You can write a simple bullet pointed list or you can pen a love letter to the moon herself. Be creative or be wild but get it down on paper however you see fit. Be specific in what you want to bring in. Write with as much detail as you can possibly muster.

The Ritual: Read what you wrote out loud. I prefer reading my list to the moon directly. The night air and that white glow give me a heartwarming feeling I can't seem to describe. My words fall short. However you do it say your words out loud. During or after you read, close your eyes and visualize what you want happening. Ask the New Moon to help you bring these things, and more, into your life. You can also meditate, pray, chant, or sing during your ritual. All of these will raise your vibration and bring you one step closer to fruition.

In Closing: I like to wrap up my ritual with a heartfelt thank you and gratitude to the moon and the Universe. Say a prayer or whatever form of Amen works for you.

Show up: In the days and weeks following your ritual make sure you show up and act on opportunities that come to you. Even if that opportunity is something or someone transitioning out of your life. You never know what fantastic things will be filled in the space left behind. Sometimes the Universe needs to make space for possibilities. So let it happen. Show up and be willing to follow the signs. One of the hardest things in trusting the Universe is giving up our control and acquiesce to her plan. Little in life goes directly from one point to another. There are so many detours and speed-bumps thrown into the mix. It's the same with moving forward in life. Sometimes the Universe will hand you exactly what you asked for but there is no guarantee.


Building a ritual of your own is the most important factor. There's nothing wrong with trying out something new in your ritual as long as it serves you. The Universe, as always, will appreciate your efforts.

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