New Moon in Sagittarius

Last New Moon of 2017!

The New Moon in Sagittarius wants you to determine the direction of your path. Don’t quit your dreams! Define your vision. This is a time to sit quietly with intention + find clarity. It is a time to verbalize what your true desires are. Three days later we’ll be given the opportunity to set our intentions for the year ahead during the Winter Solstice. There is much going on these darkened winter days with holiday preparations + celebrations. We could easily squander this end of the year opportunity to take aim but I urge you not to press on. Carve out 11 minutes of time to focus on your purpose and get it down on paper. Plant those seeds + harvest what grows from them in 2018. 


The fire sign Sagittarius is roaring with passion during this New Moon! We have learned so many lessons this year and gained insight into our new paths. A certain confidence is in the air even while we’re still laying the foundation. 2017 gave us the introduction to this new path + now it’s time to expand on the first steps we’ve taken over the last 11 months. Let us put into motion the next phase + give gratitude for what the Universe has sent us this year. 


This New Moon in Sag is asking us to aim at not only on what we want but also to reflect on what behaviors which have not served us in the past. Identifying bad behaviors and committing to not repeating them is as simple as it sounds. It’s our responsibility to make this choice so that in 2018, when those opportunities for negative behaviors present themselves, you will easily be able to sidestep + choose the better path. Maybe even by simply saying no + walking away. Even if you cannot identify what is weighing you down ask the Universe to let those things fall by the wayside to make room for your true purpose. It’s okay to let go and move past previous struggles. You’re in it to win it now. Be sure to give gratitude for what you have been given - the obvious gains as well as the hard learned lessons. It has all brought you to this place. Get ready to be catapulted into 2018 with passion and fervor, my friends.

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