October at a Glance


Full Moon: October 5

New Moon: October 19

Halloween: October 31

October at a Glance 
This is my favorite time of year. I miss the leaves falling and the weather changes of New England. If I close my eyes I swear I can feel the colors and changes swirling around me.
October marks the beginning of the Harvest and our descent into Winter. The air will turn crisp and throughout parts of the country golden leaves will fall to the ground. Our days will soon shorten and darkness will tip the scales. To me this is when the moon really shines. Longer nights mean more opportunity to gaze into the sky and breath in the fresh air under her glow. It's also a good time to make some magic. Meditation, Intentions, and ritual practices can feel more sacred during the evening hours. I encourage all of us to take a note from the Moon and create a little magic ourselves. Look inward and dust off the cobwebs of our truest inner being. In short - find a ritual that suits you and commit to doing it through the month of October. A yoga practice, pulling tarot cards, meditating, or even a body care ritual. Inject something special to these routines. Add crystals or candles to your rituals and intend for the practice to feed your soul. Start journaling to the Universe. Find something that tugs at your core and go for it. The key is consistency even if it's weekly. 
Enjoy my favorite season!

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