Why Breasts?


La Copine: Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil by Blind Tiger Bodywork. It's a delicious formulation of plant derived oils made for delicate breast tissue. Blended using only certified organic ingredients, La Copine is a truly lavish + well thought out creation .

"But... why breasts?" Well... why the hell not? 

So often I hear women comment on other women's breasts. It's rarely a judgment. Sometimes it's with praise + appreciation. Most of the time, however, it's envy. I don't often hear these women praise or appreciate their own breasts. I will include myself in this group. 

Breasts are paramount for pleasure + are so often visually stimulating. Most importantly, in my world, they've provided a source of supreme nourishment to the bellies of my babes. But how much have I given back? Very little. I don't need to preach about the importance of self love or self care. Between Oprah + Pinterest I think the topic has been covered. La Copine gives us a reason to appreciate our breasts. 

I spent my twenties educating + selling natural + organic face care products to women of all ages + textures. I've been fortunate enough to be present for countless lectures + discussions from the natural product industry's leading skin care owners + formulators. Never before have I been presented with an option to pamper what lies just south of my décolletage. La Copine is a reminder to take care of a part of myself that makes me the female creature I am. When I see that bottle sitting patiently on my vanity I'm reminded to set aside a few gratitude-filled, post shower moments honor myself + my body. Let us move forward with loving all of our parts. It's time to covet thy own breasts, ladies... not thy neighbors. 

- kati

A note from the owner + formulator of La Copine.
The word "la copine" means girlfriend in French language. We took this word to name our oil wanting to make emphasis to the connection with the body. Befriend it, create self-care ritual, love it, be in connection, never neglect it.
Women ask me a lot why massaging breasts at all? My answer is:
Breast self-massage is a great practice to maintain health of your breasts. Your chest and neck area has a pretty big grouping of lymph nodes. Massaging it, you activate lymphatic flow, which thereby boosts your immune system. Well moving lymph picks up the wastes from all cells, gets rid of toxins and fights the bacteria. Self-massage is an amazing tool to stimulate circulation and keep your tissues healthy. Gently massaging your breasts helps to reduce hormonal breast tenderness, minimize soreness and swelling, and prevents sagging. With breast cancer being the most common cancers among women, it is crucial that we do not neglect this part of the body, and take good care of ourselves. Intimacy and time for yourself by no means is selfish - it is a necessary dimension of self care.
- Migs 

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