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La Luna July

Happy 1st of July + happy lunar calendar day! This is a good month to consider how compromise plays into your life - especially in relationships. Do you rarely compromise? Are you someone who compromises too much + gives all your power away? Are you constantly holding your ground on small topics? It only takes a moment to ask yourself “is this truly important to me?” You’d be surprised how little shits one can give about things when one takes a beat to be mindful about a situation. Wishing you a happy month! New Moon: 12 July Full Moon: 27 July  

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La Luna April

Our April lunar calendar is here! Full Moon: 4.1 New Moon: 4.15 Blue Moon: 4.30 Mercury Retrograde: 3.23 - 4.15

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Why Breasts?

  La Copine: Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil by Blind Tiger Bodywork. It's a delicious formulation of plant derived oils made for delicate breast tissue. Blended using only certified organic ingredients, La Copine is a truly lavish + well thought out creation . "But... why breasts?" Well... why the hell not?  So often I hear women comment on other women's breasts. It's rarely a judgment. Sometimes it's with praise + appreciation. Most of the time, however, it's envy. I don't often hear these women praise or appreciate their own breasts. I will include myself in this group.  Breasts are paramount for pleasure + are so often visually stimulating. Most importantly, in my world, they've provided a source of supreme nourishment to the bellies of...

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