Rituals Embodied: Spirit-Centered Practices for a Modern Lifestyle
Maggie Gentry to instruct Rituals Embodied series at Rituals Austin in Austin, Texas
Fanny Priest to instruct Rituals Embodied series at Rituals Austin in Austin, Texas

Rituals Embodied: Spirit-Centered Practices for a Modern Lifestyle

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Wednesdays | January 23, January 30, February 6, February 13

We often have great intentions of welcoming positive change into our lives, yet we’re not sure which tools can help us translate those intentions into action. The Intention behind Rituals Austin is to provide you with tools to assist in your spiritual journey. And we’re taking it one step deeper with our new Rituals Embodied workshop series, which will offer you guided support from some of our favorite healers and practitioners.

Our inaugural 4-part series will focus on the following inquiry: How we can explore what support means for us so that we are able to expand our capacity to receive? We’ll begin each session with the somatic experience of yin yoga to ground us. Then we’ll open up the circle for a short lesson and discussion, before ending the session with a longer yin yoga practice.

Yin yoga is a slow, quiet, and receptive practice that invites the practitioner to encounter the fullness of their human experience. Poses are done on the floor, and held for a long period of time, nourishing the joint, bones, and connective tissues. The effect is grounding, healing, illuminating. The practices offered are suitable to every body. No previous experience is necessary.

Each session will include:

  • Instruction by Fanny Priest http://yinyogatherapyatx.com/ and Maggie Gentry https://www.maggiegentry.com/
  • Worksheets to further your self-study on that week’s topic
  • Suggested home practice activities
  • Access to recorded meditations to enhance your home practice
  • Access to a private Facebook community for all attendees
  • 10% off your purchase of any Rituals Austin goods (good for each workshop day!)


Instructor Bios:

Fanny Priest is a queer, polyamorous yoga therapist witch living in Austin, TX. She helps healers and empaths create safe space in the tender animal of their bodies so they feel free to fully experience the messy and glorious range of their human emotions. She views self-care as a sacred responsibility, and as the source of sustainable healership. You can follow her obsessions with tarot decks, paper planners, decaf coffee, and making tiny altars everywhere on Instagram @theyogaofdesire.

Maggie Gentry Miller helps creatives who are at a pivotal point in their business and are deeply craving support and space to make the needed transitions that will sustain their soul work. Her unique approach blends business coaching, marketing consulting, mindfulness techniques, and loads of compassion, which allows you to grow your business in a way that feels perfectly aligned for you. She is also the co-founder of Mindful Moments ATX www.mindfulmomentsatx.com, a self-care event series for self-identifying women and non-binary folks working to establish their own wellness rituals. You can follow her over on Instagram @maggiegentry_