Organic Sage Smudge Stick Medium

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Our Organically & Sustainably grown White Sage (salvia apiana) comes from the Southern region of California. Lovingly wrapped in hand-dyed hemp string, these smudge sticks are both USDA Organic and CCOF Certified. 

White Sage has been burned for thousands of years by Indigenous American cultures during spiritual rituals and to cleanse energy. Smudging can be done to cleanse a persons aura, remove negative energy after a houseguest has left, before a meditation practice + yoga, or when you first move into a new home or business space. 

We are proud to offer organic white sage that has gone through the rigorous process of becoming both USDA Organic Certified and CCOF Certified. No unethical practices or illegal wildcrafting here! Just farm grown organic sage, bundled with love + intention.