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Fountain Tarot

Designer: Fountain Tarot

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The Fountain Tarot is an irridescent + light-filled take on traditional Tarot. The images on each card envoke an easy feeling of knowingness + wisdom.

Description from The Fountain Tarot: 

  • 79 silver-gilded cards with images of original Jonathan Saiz oil paintings - fresh and intuitive interpretations of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot​
  • An in-depth, thoughtful booklet, written by Jason Gruhl (2014), containing 112 pages of meanings and reversals, history, and a guide to reading Tarot 
  • Original card-back design, modern card-front formats, and luxurious and durable packaging with a magnetic closure, designed by Andi Todaro.



Tarot Deck - Single Card Pull

+ Find a quiet space to work. If you have unavoidable noise simply try to find the most quiet space you can within your means

+ Clear your deck

+ Shuffle your deck with intention + focus your energy on your cards, taking your time as you shuffle

+ As you shuffle begin to let your question enter your mind (for a single card pull really focus your question to one specific subject -- don't make it too vast or grand)

+ When you feel like you're done shuffling (and this will be different for everyone) set your deck down and cut it with your non-dominant hand.

+ Pull the card from the top of the pile. Enjoy the clarity that comes with your message

ritual courtesy of @karissaevemedium

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