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Selenite Crystal

Designer: Rituals Austin

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Uplifting and calming, Selenite is used to bring clarity of mind, improve intuition, connect to past lives, & balance the crown chakra. It is a fantastic crystal to use during meditation because of it's high vibration. 

Selenite is transluscent white and is commonly used to cleanse and re-charge other stones. Selenite may also be used to cleanse ritual tools such as oracle + tarot decks.

Conveniently, becuase of the high vibration and other unique properties of this crystal, Selenite never needs to be cleansed or re-charged. 

Named for the Moon Goddess, Selene, Selenite is by far one of our most cherished crystals and a must have for your Ritual toolbox. 

This item is sold as a single Selenite stick. Each stick is approximately 5" long.

*Selenite should never be placed or rinsed with liquid as it will dissolve.

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Selenite should never come in contact with water as it will dissolve. If used harshly or dropped Selenite will break apart. However, we gentle care and kept in a safe space, Selenite can thrive in your home or studio for a lifetime. 

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