Common Sense Policy



We've written this policy to remind our customers + community that on the other end of this website are a small group of actual, human people. 

Listen, mistakes + misunderstandings happen. Both in life + business. Shipments are delayed, arrive late, sometimes arrived damaged and we want you to know we will do everything in our power to remedy any situation that comes our way.


We ask that you use the products sold in our shop as intended.

We ask that if you're unsure about a products usage or instruction that you simply reach out and ask us for guidance. We try to respond to communications quickly and we want you to be able to use these products to the best of their ability.

We ask that when you do reach out and communicate with us you do so with the same respect + kindness you'll find we respond to you with.

We ask that if you don't communicate kindly, that in the least you understand our curt, and sometimes lack, of response.