Anahata Heart Organic Tea

Anahata Heart Organic Tea

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Anahata, Sanskrit for heart chakra, is a beautiful, full flavored blend of red flowers + berries. This lusciously fragrant tea warms the heart while it opens + aligns. It's our most romantic blend. Use it for self love or to attract love to oneself. Set your intention + wait for the magic to unfold.  Our bulk tea comes packed in a single eco-friendly food grade package.


Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified Rooibos, Organic Linden Flower, Organic Schisandra, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Rose Hips

Directions: 1 heaping tablespoon in 6oz or more of hot water. Set your intention, steep for 15 minutes, strain and enjoy the benefits of bringing your body + mind into balance.

2.5 oz | 70 grams  |  Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea