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Sunset Mermaid Dish

Designer: Karacotta

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Calling all Sirens!

Each bown is made by the über talented Kara Pendle of Karacotta Ceramics here in Austin, Texas.


From the lips of the Siren herself:

The Mermaid Jewelry Dish is an incredible addition to any home, office, or studio. It has a minimal, organic design, intended to mimic the waves of the ocean, built by hand, from porcelain clay.

Each ceramic piece is dipped in several pink, red and purple glazes, to create unique, one-of-a-kind finishes. After the glaze firing, a 22K gold luster is applied to the rim for a third firing, taking these gorgeous dishes up a notch!


Personally, I have used them as both an alter piece to place precious stones on and used as a jewelry dish to infuse some much needed magic into my overly white, minimalist bathroom. In a pinch I've used it, many a time, to mix my Buca Botanicals clay face mask.

Available in Ocean (blue/green), Desert (orange/pink), and Sunset (purple/pink) Approx. Measurements 3 X 3" give or take.

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