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Rituals Rising was born out of a need for ethically sourced, hand-made, + organic products to support your Spiritual needs.
We started with an idea for a better candle + quickly turned into collaborating with an array of brands which align with our mission.
Searching for + sourcing local Austin talent soon grew to small businesses across the country wanting to be a part of our vision.
Carefully curated + beautifully designed products comprise our assortment... a little bit of magic seals the deal to make ours a truly unique shop. 

You can find us at Markets + Pop-ups around Austin, TX.



Rituals Rising is owned + operated by Kati Mcbride. In addition to having over 15 years of experience in the natural products industry
Kati is a certified birth doula + childbirth educator. She grew up with the changing seasons of New England + summers between her homes, Maine + Cape Cod.
After the birth of her second child, Kati and her family moved from Boston to Austin to grow + thrive in the bustling city.
When she's not packaging orders + searching for new makers, you'll find her spending time with her two young boys + her Beloved of 16 years.
Be sure to follow the journey on instagram @ritualsrising


Kati McBride | Proprietress | Rituals Rising