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Boundaries & Protection

Designer: Pixie Lighthorse

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Boundaries & Protection is Pixie's collection’s greatest hit.

Author’s Note:

Boundaries & Protection will be a companion to those who carry it: it’s medicine holds the promise of being integrated with application.

I love people. I believe in their ability to turn their lives around: to hang in there when the seas get stormy. I believe that if we bring intelligence in first through the spirit, then into the body, and lastly through the beautiful mind, then we will get a different and more grounded response than if we reverse the order. Leading with the spirit seldom steers us down the wrong road. Leading with the mind leaves things to chance, because the mind has ideas that are governed by fear, the past, and traumatic experiences.

The contents of Boundaries & Protection include an introduction to boundaries, a glossary of terms, a section on how to use the book, 52 one-page “chapters” of support for your body, your mind, and your energy, four pages of language prompts in the back (this is the most talked about part of the book and helps for those who simply don’t know what to say in a conflict) and an afterword with a few more words of support. I hope that you find it to be a little superhero in your pocket that strengthens you through relationships of all kinds. It’s goal is to help you stay in the conversation so that you are not shrinking back and shutting down in difficult situations.

In addition to helping the individual move through tricky relational mishaps, B&P is used in a wide array of clinical, recovery and healing settings. Folks use it as required reading for workshops, classes, online courses, addiction recovery settings, and in corporate conference rooms. The language is simple and to the point, easy to put into practice, and helpful for adults and teens who don’t know what to say or do when onfronted.

Thank you, for your emails, for stocking our books in your stores, and for showing up in social media to celebrate these pages. It is my deepest hope that they will help and heal.

Love, Pixie

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