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Prayers of Honoring Grief

Designer: Pixie Lighthorse

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Prayer is a means of connecting to our elevated natures during times of transition. Grief remains in the systems of the body, informing our lives in subtle and subversive ways in the form of fear, anxiety, and depression. The whole map of our lives changes when grief is stored away silently. Grief doesn’t bite. It is a natural and normal way of dispersing energy through the body’s wise and impeccable systems.Nothing to grieve, have you? Look around. People are hurting everywhere. The earth is grieving the loss of her biodiversity; humankind is becoming rapidly more unwell due to environmental pollution and economic inequality; governments are undermining freedoms, privacy and liberties; overall mental health is in crisis. We are hooked on the speed of technology and hyper-stimulation. The opportunity to grieve is available to you daily.

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