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Full of Shit: A Story of Health & Healing

Designer: Ellen Rozman

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Full of Shit

by Ellen Rozman -local Austin badass!

A story of health & healing to hell & back

For Ellen Rozman, good, even great, was never good enough. Fear of failure consumed her thoughts, so she pushed herself to outperform even her highest expectations.

An avid triathlete, runner, and group fitness instructor, Ellen’s passion for exercise grew into addiction—the harder, better, faster, stronger mentality dominated as her belly bloated in rebellion. She became obsessed with clean eating, blaming her bowel issues on everything she put into her mouth. Ignoring her symptoms, Ellen continued to ramp up her training and refine her food choices until a midnight trip to the ER and a lifesaving surgery literally stopped her in her tracks.

Yet her digestive issues persisted. Ellen consulted a plethora of practitioners, and after months of cluelessness and catastrophes, she came to an unexpected realization: gut health plays a huge part in the internal motivations for our actions. And to heal, vulnerability and self-compassion play a predominant role in the prescription.
Full of Shit, Ellen’s hellish yet hilarious tale of healing, is a brutally honest, raw, and enlightening exploration of the gut-brain connection. It’s the story of a woman learning to trust herself, her intuition, and her body telling her what she did not want to hear.

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