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New Moon Incense

Designer: The Wolf + The Hawk

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The Wolf + The Hawk | New Moon Incense Set

4 Intuitively chosen incense sticks + a hand-crafted incense holder on a bed of wood chips to be composted or burned as smudge. 

Featured Incense Sticks:

  • Roxy Roller is peony, rose, + palo santo resin
  • Don't Think Twice is lemongrass + frankincense
  • Spirit Walker is palo santo + myrrh
  • Forever in Blue Jeans is nag champa-esque

This incense is fresh! These sticks are hand cut, ground, rolled + cured by Devon Slack of The Wolf and The Hawk Incense in Ontario, Canada. Smudging meets incense giving these sticks a truly unique appeal. The Wolf + The Hawk Incense has melded the cleansing + spiritual aspects of smudging with aromatic the qualities of an incense. Not perfume-y or at all overwhelming, the scents are just wonderful... softly smokey like a campfire, with delightful resins, woods, plants + herbs incorporated in a very intentional manner. Each stick is 2-3 times larger than traditional incense.

For the smudging aspect, there is usually some white sage, cedar, sweet grass, mullein or hyssop contained in them, to dispel negativity and cleanse the space, and pull in love and positivity. Most ingredients are cut + dried by Devon while the wood powder base is created by her father from the trees on his property.

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