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The Vindur Deck

Designer: Leah Pantéa

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The Vindur Deck by Leah Pantéa

Titled after the Icelandic word for wind, The Vindur Deck is a hand-painted 78-card tarot deck crafted with you in mind. 

- Reverse side of the cards represents the moon cycle: new moon, waxing moon, waning moon, full moon. 

- Timeless + trendless: focus on design elements and human body. 

-  Gender neutral fool character through the major arcana. 

- Gender balance through the minor arcana. 

- Painting with a minimal four earthy colors, in addition to black.

- Guidebook features zodiac ties, numerology, and a story arc of each of the elemental characters, offering something for the tarot reader of every level. 

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