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Wild Medicine Herbal Deck (backordered)

Designer: The Tamed Wild

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Backordered - Shipping Mid-January!

The Wild Medicine Herbal Deck by Tamed Wild is a dream come true. Each deck consists of 33 Wild Medicine cards highlighting a top healing herb and its uses. Each card contains a beautifully hand painted illustration along with its common & botanical name. The backside of the card will highlight historical medicinal uses, plant description, ritual and lore, + how to harness its wild, earth given medicine.

"Use this deck in your home herbal garden, as an identification tool on plant walks, or as as a coffee table conversation starter. Budding herbalists will find this deck a useful friend while learning the basics of each plant and what it has to offer. Decks are be printed on glossy card stock and be beautifully packaged in a lid & base box."

- The Tamed Wild

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